Digital Threat Protection Suite:

Detect Monitoring Service: - performs regular scans of customers websites and detects the thwarts attacks before they happen.

  • DNS Monitoring; SSL Certificate Monitoring, Defacement Monitoring, Site Availability Monitoring.
  • Early Phishing Detection.
  • Spearphishing and BEC Protection
  • Domain and Social Media for Impersonation, Monitoring.
  • Rogue Mobile Application Protection.
  • Dark Web Scanning for Stolen/Compromised Cards.
  • Expedited Attack Manual Takedown.
  • 24/7/365 takedowns (average 3.6 hours)
  • Machine Learning.
  • Trademarks, copyrights & disclosure of information
  • Report URL to blacklist Google, Firefox,
  • Victim Insights – intelligence-based context on the victim and insights on compromised credentials, malicious links, messages and clicked on malicious URL.

DMARC Compass email authentication: - eliminates email phishing by blocking unauthorized emails before they reach company employees, partners, and consumers.

  • Block Email Phishing in Real Time
  • Takedown Malicious URLs Sent to Employees and Consumers
  • Use DMARC Compass to identify and whitelist marketing, billing, and customer service email senders.

Safe browsing for any environment: - takes a different security approach by disrupting the credential harvesting and external communication that malware uses to take over accounts and cash out attacks, it ensures that even compromised devices can continue to perform secure transactions.

  • Browsing client, clientless browsing and browsing for mobile
  • Detects and Stops Malware Infections.
  • Safeguards Sensitive End-User Data.
  • Discovers and Halts Phishing Attacks
  • Prevents the Root Cause of Fraud by Finding Active Threats in Real Time.
  • Reduces the Operational Impact of Fraud Investigations
  • Utilizes Real-Time Threat Intelligence.

Multi-factor authentication & password less:

  • Monitor and Mitigate Fraudulent Logins.
  • Identify and stop unauthorized access to online portals to prevent compromise and fraud.
  • Instant alerts and full reporting about all suspicious logins.
  • Get visibility into when and where employees and customers are accessing sensitive data and accounts. Comply with local and international regulations mandating login anomaly detection.
  • Authenticate logins with push notifications sent promptly to user mobile devices.
  • Mobile – secure application with pre and continuous security checks. Take down rogue apps, accurately authenticate mobile customers.
  • A wide variety of authentication methods, including innovative soft tokens and QR codes.
  • Turn Any Customer Smartphone into a Trusted Authentication Factor
  • Complete Reporting and Data about Login Statistics and Trends.
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance and Liability Protection.
  • Turn Any Customer Smartphone into a Trusted Authentication Factor

Fraudulent transaction & activity detection:

Online fraud is constantly evolving to bypass the established strategies for detecting it. While rules are effective for finding known fraud schemes, behavioral analytics and machine learning bring increased visibility to detect more fraud and reduce losses. Find and stop fraud wherever it happens Realize your true Anti-Fraud potential Fraud & Transaction Anomaly detection, gap review & remediation. Comman point of compromise detection

  • Analytics & Machine Learning to Identify Suspicious Activity.
  • Intelligence – Analytics – Automation
  • Automated Learning, Frictionless User Experience, Omnichannel Ready, Dynamic Fraud Detection.
  • Integrated Case Management & Dashboard.
  • Suspicious Activity Analyzers.
  • Agile Behavioral Analysis.
  • Create Powerful Rules.


Zero Trust Security:

  • Redesign networks into secure micro-perimeters;
  • Limit the risks associated with excessive user privileges;
  • Dramatically improve security detection and response through analytics and automation; and
  • Increase data security through obfuscation techniques.

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP):

  • Eliminate complex corporate firewalls, VPN’s and NAC.
  • ”Segment of One” design reduces attack surface, audit scope.
  • Encrypted connection between user and approved resources create custom per-user network.
  • Unauthorized resources are completely dark – impossible to detect.
  • Eliminates lateral movement on internal networks.
  • Policy adapts dynamically to changes in context.
  • Provides unified access control across hybrid environments.
  • Access based on Context sensitive identity.
  • Secure encrypted link between user and systems.
  • Makes entire network invisible.
  • On-prem and cloud (AWS and Azure).
  • Visibility of risks in AWS environments.

IOT device support - Extend Zero Trust to Unprotected IoT Devices

Most robust security strategies account for a wide variety of devices. Yet many older Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices are often left unmanaged and unprotected. As these devices are connected to the same network as users, servers, and sensitive data, they can be a weak link in an organization’s security strategy.

  • Devices are confined to pre- set segments to reduce the vulnerabilities of unmanaged devices, including phones, cameras, sensors, and other IoT devices.
  • Offers secure, granular control of resources depending on how, when and where devices are connecting to the network.
  • Explores creative connectivity options to extend access to partners and third parties while maintaining full network access control.

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