Network Access Security - "CA (Certificate Authority) Extended Option "

Network administrators can easily implement network access control. Based on the IEEE 802.1X standard an all-in- one port-based network access control solution that acts as an authentication and authorization server. It deploys certificates to authenticate users and devices, and to authorize users’ access to their permitted network resources.

  • Web-portal
  • IEEE 802.1X WLAN access control.
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Responder
  • Support of Simple Certificate Enrolment Protocol (SCEP)
  • Customizable Certificate Signing Request (CSR) templates
  • Special-purpose certificates
  • With the MAC address extended option network administrators have a dedicated database available that allows the authentication of MAC addresses of non-802.1X supplicants.
  • Automatically detects the non-IEEE 802.1X supplicants in the network and adds them to the whitelist

Network Access Control - "Build Your Business Beyond Company Walls"

Acts as a detector and blocker preventing unauthorized devices from using network resources. Continuously scans all devices in the network by monitoring their ARP- and DHCPrequests and immediately notifies the IT administrator of an unknown device trying to connect to the network.

  • Continuous scanning of devices
  • Features easy to set up operations
  • Learning mode
  • Jamming mode
  • Automatic notification
  • Self-registration

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