About Us

CITES Uganda Ltd (CITES) is a multinational firm specialised in international business deve opment. This structure allows us to focus on projects with both a national and GLOBAL DIMENSION, bringing our expertise, in order to assist, support and facilitate our customers´ operations, by proposing solutions that help to reach their objectives and reduce uncertainty, and process costs.

CITES is a cybersecurity solutions company that offers trusted digital IT security solutions for individuals, small and large medium sized Enterprises, Non-government organizations and Government parastals.
CITES is a preliveliged and a trusted partner of Private Protocol and NETWRIX in the space of cybersecurity best-of-breed “Information, DATA and NETWORK” security solutions for compliance.

As business continues to rely on technology, cyber threats continue to grow in sophistication and complexity making cyber threats, cyber-attacks and data loss a leading concern for any company.

Emerging information and cyber threats surface in different forms hence the need for businesses to deploy 24/7, - hour and 365 days 360 degrees’ defense strategies. As a leading provider of digital security services and solutions, CITES provides integrated, globally managed tech solutions that underpin the fast-growing digital economy.

To be the leading provider of advanced technology security services and automated solutions.

To provide guaranteed advanced automated security systems and IT Solutions that are demand driven through innovation.

CITES denotes our overarching driving company idea or foundation of five key pillars;

  • C - Creativity
  • I - power of Innovations
  • T - harnessing Technological Advancements
  • E - power of Entrepreneurship
  • S - to offer Support, Services, Solutions &Sales.

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Our experience spans across both local and international experts and consultants
in the Cybersecurity space.

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